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The room is warm, and it is loud.

Fifteen a cappella connoisseurs are circled up at the front of Room 1147 in the Music Building, making their way through the alphabet. Their warm-up is simple and mundane, but for the members of No Comment on this particular Sunday evening, it is musical gold. The notes explode and resonate, dancing across the stark walls and brushing past the chalkboard.

The exercise comes to its final crescendo, and Kyle Perfect, freshman in Engineering, stumbles on a letter. “Kyle’s the smartest guy here and he can’t sing the alphabet,” someone jokes. “Do it now!”

Kyle grins, readjusting his black-rimmed glasses. He whizzes through the tune once more, nailing each letter, and everyone cheers.

Kelsey Stanker, senior in FAA and NoCo’s musical director, quiets the singers and commands their attention. Saturday is the International Championships of Collegiate A Cappella, a quarterfinal competition held at Illinois State University. Kelsey blows into her pitch pipe, and the song begins.

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