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September at Yale means a few things—adjusting back to the idea of homework, slowly realizing that summer is over, and, most importantly to some, a cappella rush. Take a trip to your favorite dining hall and inevitably you will find innocent freshmen surrounded by a group of upperclassmen clad in a cappella apparel. A cappella members comprise a small percentage of Yale students, but it is safe to say that come September, Yale has a strong case of a cappella fever.

Few people may know that the a cappella scene goes beyond courtyard concerts and annual jams and into the studio. Nearly all groups here at Yale record a studio album every other year; already this year, the Duke’s Men have released an album, Busted, and the Baker’s Dozen and Something Extra will soon follow suit with their new releases, Guarantee Not and Caught Red-Handed, respectively. But if the thrill and challenge of a cappella group performance is, as current business manager of Something Extra Hallie Meyer, SM ’15, puts it, “best met and appreciated live,” why record a cappella to begin with?

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