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CASA is pleased to announce the tracks to be selected for sing 13: SUPERSTITION! The selection committee listened to more than 180 submissions and almost 1200 tracks to curate this year's installment of your favorite a cappella compilation! So don’t let any triskaidekaphobia keep you from owning a copy.

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*Indicates an original song


Track: I Put a Spell on You

Album: ECHO

Soloist: EJ Cardona

Arranger: Erik Winger

2. Tonal Spectrum (Crest High School)

Track: Dernière Danse

Album: Tonal Spectrum

Soloist: Jordan Beaver

Arrangers: Jordan Beaver, Megan Philbeck (edited by Michael Martinez)

3. Eh440

Track: Boss Level*

Album: Boss Level

Soloist: Stacy Kay

Arranger: Eh440

4. Voices in Your Head (U. of Chicago)

Track: Feel So Bad*


Soloist: Shubha Vedula

Arrangers: (Shuba Vedula), Chris Rishel

5. OneVoice (Briarcrest Christian High School)

Track: Falling Short

Album: Higher Love

Soloists: Austin McElveen, Sydney Sparks

Arranger: Robert Dietz

6. maybebop (featuring ONAIR)

Track: Be still my heart

Album: Für Euch

Soloists: maybebop ft. ONAIR

Arranger: Stefan Flügel

7. Countermeasure (Contemporary A Cappella League)

Track: Life is Fine*

Album: Made to Measure

Soloist: Jeremy Voltz

Arranger: Aaron Jensen

8. The Chordials (Cornell U.)

Track: Retrograde

Album: Surface

Soloist: Jay Grollman

Arranger: Harry Davis

9. Faux Paz (U. of Maryland)

Track: Where Are Ü Now?

Album: Where Are Ü Now? (single)

Soloist: Lucas Tax

Arrangers: Michael Brisentine, Josh Singer

10. MIX (U. of Denver-Colorado)

Track: Hildepunk (O Frondens Virga/Doin' It Right)

Album: Hildepunk (single)

Soloists: Cody Carbone, Emma Wallingford

Arrangers: Erin Hackel, MIX

11. Popphone Singers (Shih Hsin U.)

Track: 橄欖樹 (Olive Tree)

Album: 13

Soloist: Cheng-Chen Ku

Arranger: Tanja Pannier

12. Rockapella

Track: Sir GotALot*

Album: Sir GotALot (single)

Soloists: Calvin Jones, Scott Leonard

Arranger: Scott Leonard

13. Frisky Business

Track: Oops (Oh My)


Soloist: Ariel Arbisser

Arranger: Johanna Vinson

14. All the King's Men (King's College London)

Track: Left Hand Free

Album: Left Hand Free (single)

Soloist: Rory Hil

Arranger: Gus Nicholson

15. Maize Mirchi (U. of Michigan)

Track: O... Saya

Album: Clipped Wings

Soloists: Naveen Menon, Krsna Kothari

Arranger: Deepak Kumar

16. Track IX

Track: Hello Bitches

Album: Kiss My Mama

Soloist: Track IX

Arranger: Track IX

17. Fermata Town (Contemporary A Cappella League)

Track: Here

Album: Here (single)

Soloist: Anna Miller

Arranger: Alex Margarite

18. Vocal Rush (Oakland School for the Arts)

Track: Memento*

Album: 11

Soloist: Ari Nikbakht

Arranger: Lisa Forkish

19. The Swingles (featuring Kurt Elling courtesy of Sony Music )

Track: The Thaw*

Album: Yule Songs vol. II

Soloist: Kurt Elling

Arranger: Kevin Fox

20. The Junction

Track: Singin' In the Rain

Album: Right Down The Road

Soloist: Henk Kraaijeveld

Arranger: Paul Maaswinkel

21. Five O'Clock Shadow

Track: Angel

Album: Originals By Other People

Soloist Caleb Whelden

Arranger: Caleb Whelden

22. Nor'Easters (Northeastern U.)

Track: You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You

Album: Rise

Soloists: Samantha Creighton, Isaac Willnow

Arranger: Shams Ahmed