HomeThe Bobs Receive the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award

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"The Bobs are the singular most important a cappella group to the development of contemporary a cappella - bar none."

~ Deke Sharon

The Contemporary A Cappella Society was pleased to present the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award to The Bobs at the 2017 Live Contemporary A Cappella Awards. Richard "Bob" Greene was presented with the award on behalf of the group by Tom Anderson, President of the 2016/2017 CASA Board of Directors.

The Bobs were one of the first groups in a cappella to push the boundaries of the human voice and use it in ways never heard before. Innovating with syllables and chords, imitating instruments, experimenting with repertoire and writing orginal music, The Bobs inspired an entire generation to think differently about their voices.

"On the back of The Bobs, everything else is possible. You're able to be cool in a cappella. You're able to sing any song you want a cappella. You're able to use your voice as instruments. You're able to be funny and weird and strange and cool and unusual. And most importantly, you're able to be yourself. The Bobs allowed a cappella to be anything.

I owe my career to The Bobs more than anyone else. They inspired me as a young high school student and into college. They are the epitome of 'cool' in a cappella. They changed a cappella - they changed many lives - they changed my life."

~ Deke Sharon, CASA Founder and 'Father of Contemporary A Cappella'

Congratulations to The Bobs, and a profound thank you from all of us at the Contemporary A Cappella Society.