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David Ragg

When did you first become involved in a cappella? In what capacity?

2006, In school I was part of the National Youth Choir of Scotland's Ensemble, and I formed a barbershop quartet and small singing ensemble in school. I didn't know much about a cappella then (I still don't!), but I had enjoyed singing so much that when I went to study engineering at university, I joined an a cappella group there and I am loving every moment.

When did you first become involved with CASA?

August(ish?) 2012.

What geographical area do you cover as a CASA ambassador?

Scotland, UK

What role do you play as a CASA ambassador and/or what role would you like to play?

I'd love to see more people get involved in singing, especially at a young age like myself, and improve the a cappella scene in Scotland. I am finding my feet and getting to know what Scotland is like.

What do you do for work and play?

I am studying ocean engineering at university, and most of the rest of my time I spend singing!

Tell us one thing about yourself people would be surprised to learn

I founded Strathclyde University's Naval Architecture Society

Favorite a cappella group?

Naturally 7

Favorite type of music?

Jazz and Funk, the best thing about a cappella is that you can try all kinds of music

Favorite a cappella concert?

Naturally 7 August 2010