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Archive | A Cappella Music - The Contemporary A Cappella Society


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About CASA

CASA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of contemporary a cappella music. CASA hosts the annual East Coast A Cappella Summits, presents the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARAs), releases compilation albums featuring the year's best vocal music, and produces A Cappella Radio International, a monthly radio show to help spread the word. CASA also operates the "Tunes to Teens" program, a national program that provides a cappella recordings to students at little to no charge. In addition, CASA members receive special a cappella opportunities, information and resources designed to enhance the experience of any a cappella enthusiast.

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CASA Radio

CASA produces an online streaming a cappella radio station that runs around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The radio station includes: A Cappella News from A Cappella performers and listeners around the world Mouthdrumming Minute, featuring Wes Carroll Profound A Cappella Poetry, featuring Jonathan Minkoff Professional A Cappella, the best professional a cappella the world has to offer Collegiate A Cappella, groups from colleges around the world High School A Cappella, exciting new offerings from the youngest members of the community CASA Radio is available to all Silver and Gold Members of CASA. Check out the CASA Radio Demo to hear a sample of what it has to offer. CASA Radio is produced by Brian Michaels. Please feel free to contact him if you have any questions or suggestions for the show.

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Another A Cappella Article

This is another a cappella news article

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Rocky Mountain Summit

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CASA's East Coast A Cappella Summit

Below is Info of the 2008 East Coast A cappella Summit that took place in early March of 2008. Thanks so much to all who helped make 2008 such a sucess! 2008 Tickets Were Sold Here March 7 - 9, 2008 South Lakes High School 11400 South Lakes Drive Reston, VA 20191 3 Cutting-edge professional a cappella concerts, 1 High School a cappella competition concert and 22 master classes taught by the masters of a cappella -performers from Europe, Canada and the United States! Caaadence!!! - Canada's premiere a cappella jazz quartet Vocaldente - Euro-pop a cappella from Hanover, Germany Mauf - All original Dance/Trance a cappella beatbox band from Austria Six13 - Jewish Rock A cappella from New York Cartoon Johnny - pop/rock vocal band from DC Euphonism - sultry pop a cappella The Chromatics WAMMY Nominated Science-oriented a cappella originals! DoubleShot! -Winners of the 2007 DC Harmony Sweepstakes The DC Accidentals! -DC based Pop Rock a cappella with a big group sound! Exit 245 -JMU's collegiate powerhouse of rock and soul! Blueline -sextet of local DC jazz and swing a cappella Plus award-winning barbershop, beatbox and more! Blue Jupiter - co-producers of the ECS with CASA -Jazz infused pop-funk a cappella band from New York City, NY, fresh off their fourth tour of Asia! Masterclasses with Freddie Feldman of VOCOMOTION Studios and acaTunes Bill Hare of Bill Hare Productions in San Francisco, CA Marty Gasper of 2Dog Creative in New York City Dave Brown, President of CASA Bryan Chadima of Blind Man's Bluff, Chicago Voice Exchange, The Three Waiters, Vybe, AC Rock and more! Kevin Child of the Maine Steiners Joe Anzuena of Elizabethtown Phalanx '98-'02 and Lunatic Groove '02-'05 Diana Preisler of Blue Jupiter Jonathan Minkoff of Altavoz, Blind Man's Bluff, Blue Jupiter, RARB and CASA Jeremy Ragsdale Professor of Vocal Jazz at Towson University And more! Check back soon for more announcements! About the Summit... Friday Night Concert 8PM Masterclasses All Day Saturday Saturday HS Competition and Concert 2PM Saturday Night Concert 8PM Saturday Night Unofficial Afterglow til the wee hours Sunday Masterclasses Sunday Matinee 2PM Free Group Coachings All Weekend Long Opportunities to Perform Afterglows that are the Stuff of Legends! The East Coast A Cappella Summit is a weekend filled with four a cappella concerts and more than a dozen masterclasses featuring the world's best a cappella singing. The summit entertains, educates and raises money to support CASA's charitable mission to foster and promote a cappella music. Make SURE to check out the Detailed Schedule , Travel Info, Hotel Deals and for our High School Groups, the HS Adjudication Rules and Agreement. And of course, everyone should Purchase Tickets Here! Please note that Silver and Gold members have discounts to the ECS. Silver members MUST purchase tickets online to get their membership discounts.Gold members simply email CASA's webmaster, Freddie and let him know you're coming. The summit supports innovators, vocalists who stretch the boundaries of what the human voice is capable of. It is a place of community where singers not only produce stunning vocal creations, but we also show each other just how the magic works. The summits showcase pop, soul, barbershop, doo-wop, R&B, hard rock, new age, funk, comedy, world music, punk and nearly anything else you might think of. There's nothing we love better than the challenge: "You can't do THAT a cappella." Oh yeah? We'll see about that. At the summit, we laugh, we commiserate over our shared problems, we poke gentle fun at one another and we explore that powerful, sometimes even spiritual experience of creating something infinitely greater than the sum of its parts, the very definition of true harmony. The East Coast A Cappella Summit is sponsored by the Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA) with generous support from our kind donors. You Can Become a Donor! It takes money to bring this whole thing together, and we need your help! Almost everyone involved with the Summit is a volunteer and many of the performers perform at a loss. They are donating their efforts at or below cost for you! Your ticket charges are absolute minimums to cover expenses. Of course not everyone can give, but if you have even a small donation to spare, CASA and the Summit need your support!