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Tunes To Teens Expanding Its Reach

When Tunes To Teens started sending donated a cappella CDs to junior high and high school students in 2003, we had to charge $1 per student.

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How To Write Your First A Cappella Song

There are endless books on the market about how to write a song, so I'm not going to go into depth. featureimage: 

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New Camp Alert: Creative Vocal Lab and Choral Conservatory

A Cappella Learnin' is on the rise as more people seek to be involved at various levels from high school (or earlier!) to pro. Camps and seminars and classes are popping up all over.

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Ball In The House Grabs First CASA Pro Membership

CASA is excited to announce a brand new membership program, our Professional Membership.

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Collaborative Recordings: New Structure, More YOU!

What is going on with the Collaborative Recording?