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Sound equipment

With Deke's encouragement, I'm starting a thread regarding sound equipment recommendations for live performance. 

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Attention CASA.org web people....

I have recently harassed a couple of members about issues that I'm finding around the site.  In general I love the new CASA.org...especially the ability to contribute directly with blogs (some of you enduring my incessant posting might feel differently).  But there are things about this site that are hard to use or even missing.  I have recently written an email to a couple of people about what I feel is a potential security issue on the site, and since I don't want to expose that publicly I'll leave that in their hands.  Here are a few other things I have mentioned and

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The Journey begins...

Tonight is the first meeting of a group of people that will eventually form "Sono" or whatever the name becomes.  Wish me luck!

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Introducing MusicaRanger!

I would like to introduce a new custom arrangement service, MusicaRanger! MusicaRanger makes tailored music arrangements to fit your needs, venues, and skill levels. Need a techno arrangement of Autumn Leaves for an all-male group, or a doo-wop spin on Gimmie More for a female quartet? No problem. How about an antiphonal double-ensemble composition for dueling trios, or a song for unaccompanied voice? We're stoked to meet you.

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Music Technology and A Cappella Master's Thesis

Hello Everyone. I am currently studying to get my Master's Degree in Music Technology at the University of Limerick in Ireland. As I'm trying to form my thesis statement, I want to involve a cappella and I am looking for ideas or gaps to solve in the a cappella field that will do the following: 1) Promote a cappella music. 2) Be worthwhile to explore and to further our own knowledge of a cappella music (like I said, possibly filling any gaps that exist and need to/should be explored). 3) Use music technology to do so.