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Quantity IS Quality

If you're in the mood for a little new year's motivation, I've got an essay for you that has been making the rounds. featureimage: 

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CASA's Newest Festival Lands In Texas

The Contemporary A Cappella Society is excited to announce its newest festival to be held March 9, 2013. Come join the celebration!

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“A Cappella Arranging” Is Finally Here!

“A Cappella Arranging” is finally here! featureimage: 

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Put Away Childish Things

We were all young once, and in our youth we dream big and expect the world. We traced drawings, played dress up and clowned around, as onlookers smiled approval. featureimage: 

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Call Me Mabry: Fan at a Festival

Last April, I did a very brave thing.  I got on a plane to Boston from the west coast to attend CASA’s inaugural Boston Sings A Cappella Festival (BOSS) - featureimage: