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Aarhus Vocal Festival 2009 Day 1

This week, CASA's Bill Hare is attending the Aarhus Vocal Festival in Denmark.  Every day, he will be reporting back to us at CASA, so you can watch as it happens! DAY 1 - MAY 7, 2009 Jens Johansen opens the festival!

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Fold Me some BEN!!!

 I don't know Ben Folds.  The guy won't even return my phone calls!  Hey!  I'm a stalker?

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Group Names: The Numbers Game! Name number. Nameber?

 You're looking for a group name!  A thousand crazy factors go in to choosing.  There are traditions, expectations, logistical realities, the one person in the group who wants to be WACKY (hey, that was me... how do you think I ended up with 'moosebutter'), and just a few pet peeves (a cappella puns!!!  Huzzah!!!!).A bit of practical advice to consider: when naming your group, you ought to avoid numbers in your name.

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Dear A Cappella Groups:

Dear A Cappella Groups:Please do not ever use these words to describe yourself:     1)    Groundbreaking