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Inside View: America's Got Talent

I auditioned for America’s Got Talent three times this year.  With three different groups.  Each group had it’s own path to the contest, and each had a different result. So now I’m going to give you the raw, unadulterated, inside scoop on the whole process! [REDACTED]

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Does Deke get down in the dumps?

Does Deke Sharon--the "Father of Contemporary A Cappella" get down in the dumps?  Maybe his arrangement isn't going well or he feels like he's done everything already and there's nothing left. "When Alexander saw the breadth of his domain, he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer".  (Benefits of a movie education about classical quotes)

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Got the summer blues?

Those of you that are involved in college a cappella are sitting at home, work, or on vacation right now, missing it. You swore all spring that the summer would give you a break from all of these people, and that you did indeed need a break from this genre that you so completely delve into for nine months at a time. You looked forward to spending those three nights a week doing something besides practicing the same songs over….and over… and over.

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508s Auditions - Boston's Established co-ed A Cappella Group

Boston's established co-ed a cappella group, the 508s, will be holding auditions for all vocal parts on Saturday, June 27, 2009 in Cambridge, MA. If you, or someone you know, is a recent collegiate a cappella alum and misses the a cappella scene, here is your opportunity to sing with a dedicated and talented group of people. All auditionees are required to schedule an audition time. Please note that we have a limited amount of audition spots available. Please e-mail Emily at emily@the508s.com for more details about auditions and to schedule an audition time.

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Inside View: 2009 Harmony Sweepstakes Finals pt. 2 of 2: Obligatory Sound Rant!

Obligatory sound rant!  The sound was really good.  ... hmm, that’s not much of a rant.  How about this: