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America's Got Talent, pt. 3

American may got talent... but they don't got us!  They didn’t show us! This is the final report on my experience auditioning for America's Got Talent... and I hate to to break it to you, but it's kind of anti-climactic.  My group moosebutter did in fact audition in front of the judges, on camera, for America’s Got Talent.  In Los Angeles, in May. 

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America's Got Talent, pt. 2

I still can't (technically) talk about my experience on America's Got Talent, but if I could, I would just mention (for the three or four of you that actually watch the show, who might actually care): Them buzzers are LOUD.   When you see people flinch when the buzzers go off, it's because it is painful.  For example, check out David Johnson with the best song so far this season:  featureimage: 

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Calling Newbie and Oldie arrangers

I would like to present to CASA a hip new blog that has a huge section about a cappella arranging. SmarterMusic (http://smartermusic.us) empowers and enriches by teaching skills that any arranger uses when making a cappella arrangements.

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A Cappella Originals: the Joy (?) of Editing

Sitting with Wes Carroll in a small café in San Francisco, listening to an acoustic guitar-strumming singer/songwriter.  He leans over to me and asks, “Do all of us singer/songwriters sound this monotonous?” The answer: yes. (and by yes, I mean, the vast majority). The bigger question: do ALL songwriters, not just the acoustic artsy singer/songwriter types, sound that monotonous? The answer, you better believe it, is YES (the vast majority).

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ACR www.acappellarecords.com

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