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Las Vegas A Cappella Summit Wrap-up

This past weekend was the Fourth Annual Las Vegas A Cappella Summit hosted by Desert Oasis High School and their Choral Director Brad Pierson. I was fortunate enough to attend as a performer with The Trojan Men from the University of Southern California. If you were there, you know how awesome it was. If you weren't there, here's what you missed out on... featureimage: 

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Recording Review: Basix's "Diversity"

A cappella world, please make way for Basix’s latest CD Diversity.  Released on August 31, 2009, I had the true pleasure of being one of the only people outside of the group to get my hands on a copy early: about three weeks before the release date.  I would like to start out by saying thank you to the guys of Basix for letting me review Diversity.  This album is ALL ORIGINAL.  Yeah, I know.  “No covers?  What?  It’s not a cappella without covers of the same songs that have been covered about 42 million times.”  Diversity is

Recording Review: Duke Lady Blue's "Off The Record"

I've listened to quite a few a cappella albums over the years and I noticed a pattern in my listening behavior. Looking back, I tended to gravitate towards all male or co-ed groups and I did not have a single all-female a cappella album in my possession with the exception of The Nonets that a friend had lent to me awhile ago. So, I made it my mission to discover the sounds of an all-girl group by taking a look at the nominees of the CARAs. I decided to show my alma mater some love by picking Lady Blue of Duke University.

Man versus Microphone – In Search of the Perfect Sound

Ever had a bad gig not because your group sounded bad, but because the sound engineer had the levels all tweaked out? Or there was ongoing low frequency feedback? How about when your duet mic is three times louder than the solo mic? Let me guess, you can probably think of ten other scenarios right now where a good performance was compromised because of some kind of sound amplification problem.

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Recording Review: Cluster, "Steps"

Cluster, the Italian jazz a cappella group, hits the ground running by opening their new album entitled Steps, with a very jazzy selection. “Just Kidding” sets the tone for the rest of the CD as a solid tune, with clean VP, perfect background vocals, a nice solo, and…a piano?  Yes, that is indeed an actual piano…on an a cappella album.  It took me days (seriously, like four days) to figure out how I felt about that, but I have finally decided that I actually really like their choice.