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Recording Review: Hyannis Sound's “On The Clock”

I will start this review by stating that if you are interested in a cappella, music, or simply joy in the slightest bit, that you need to order this album immediately.  Then when the first track picks up speed at about thirty seconds in, try not to squeal in excitement like a thirteen year old girl at a Jonas Brothers concert.  Inside of their cleverly designed album cover, you will find a plethora of some of the best arranging, intonation, and soloists that really make you stand up and take notice.

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Groove is In the Heart: David O'Brien

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Recording Review: Firedrill!’s “…Sings Without Music, Vol. II”

The tracklist can be found at http://www.firedrillband.com/music.htm. Let me not mince words: I am conflicted about this album.

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Concert Review: Sonos at Jammin' Java

Early October 09, to a packed house at Jammin' Java, the announcer grabbed the mic, and with a few quick words, an eruption of sound filled the air.  Six people, fresh from the left coast, took the stage.  Checking their pedals and their mics, they blew the pitch, and the night had begun.

Recording Review: Straight No Chaser's “Six Pack”

A little over a year ago, a friend sent me an email with a YouTube link to the Straight No Chaser’s video of the 12 Days of Christmas. A very clever arrangement, but nothing special over any other good male collegiate group I had heard before. Then, while I was driving home from work one day during the Holiday season, I heard the same 12 Days of Christmas on one of my local radio stations in Tucson, AZ. Suddenly, SNC was getting radio play and helping to inch a cappella a little closer to mainstream.