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Recording Review: Cluster's "Christmas Present"

Cluster’s new Christmas album, Christmas Present, is top notch.  I say this not only because the tuning is perfect and the mixing is solid and all those other musical comments, but be

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Recording Review: Straight No Chaser – "Christmas Cheers"

This is my first album review for CASA, so let me just say a few things off the top:

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Recording Review: NYU's APC Rhythm, “All Things Go”

“All Things Go” is a neat, clean album, showcasing some great soloists and making bold choices in the arrangements.  It's not just a pop/rock album: the standout tracks are gospel and electron

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Recording Review: UGA Accidentals' "Imprint"

The UGA Accidentals’ recently released album "Imprint" is a crowd pleaser. It starts out by getting the listener pumped and ready with an upbeat rendition of Tom Cochrane’s “Life is a Highway”. While it’s not the most musically impressive track, it certainly is fun to listen to.  I picture eight college guys sitting in a dorm room just jamming out and having fun when I hear this song. It harkens to back in the day when collegiate groups did this stuff just to do it, instead of being so competition focused.