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Recording Review: U of Chicago's Men In Drag - Late Nights, Parades

From the first measure of the opening track of this highly polished CD, to the moment when the last notes fade away, Men in Drag, an all-female group from the University of Chicago, make it crystal

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A Cappella conveys ‘deep spiritual dimension’ to music; LRU choir ready for tour

HICKORY — The style is virtually unknown in Hickory, a near secret, but it is capable of making a loud noise. And not just loud, but also subtly beautiful.

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Recording Review: Roomful of Teeth's Self-Titled Project

“Roomful of Teeth” is either an album you really get or you’re doomed to think you hate it… but you really don’t, I promise.

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Deke and Dylan's Wisdom Distilled; A Review of A Cappella Arranging

Every writer has faced stumbling blocks: the threat of a blank page; the surfeit of inchoate ideas; the troublesome passage that resists clarity, even after its third reworking.

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Extreme Measures and the X-Factors: A Northwestern Compare and Contrast

I have a confession to make: Before last weekend, I'd never been to a collegiate a cappella concert.