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Deke's Universal Arrangement Critique

I'm frequently asked to look over an arrangement and offer my thoughts. I find an alarming number of my responses contain the same comments, the same thoughts. featureimage: 

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Quantity IS Quality

If you're in the mood for a little new year's motivation, I've got an essay for you that has been making the rounds. featureimage: 

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Lessons from Pentatonix

They're everywhere, and they make it look easy. Pentatonix has had many stumbling blocks in their path but you wouldn't know it from their rapid rise to fame and incessant viral buzz. featureimage: 

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An Interview with AcaExpert Deke Sharon

Between working on “The Sing-Off” and “Pitch Perfect,” touring with his vocal rock band, The House Jacks, and adding pieces to his catalogue of over two thousand a cappella arrangements,

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“A Cappella Arranging” Is Finally Here!

“A Cappella Arranging” is finally here! featureimage: