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BOCA 2010: Best Of College A Cappella Announced!

Varsity Vocals and Total Vocal are thrilled to announce the track list for the Best Of College A Cappella 2010! Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who submitted their tracks. We know how much of each of you goes into producing these albums, and we really enjoyed listening to each and every track we received.

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Recording Review: Virginia Sil’hooettes' "Take It To The Bridge"

The Virginia Sil’hooettes have been one of my favorite female groups for a while now.  It seems like every song I hear of theirs I really enjoy.  Although I didn’t get a chance to hear their last album in its entirety, I really loved Butterflies and Hurricanes off of Voices Only.  So I was excited to hear Take It To The Bridge (awesome album name, by the way).