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DeltaCappella in tune with contemporary movement

You know a movement has hit the big time when Hollywood takes notice.

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Know Your Audience and Program Accordingly

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" holds an unusual position in our repertoire. We decided to sing it on whim and have no written music for it. featureimage: 

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Why I Don't Worry When I Get a Letter from the IRS

The IRS thinks I make money singing a cappella.  After I stopped laughing at how ridiculous that was, I realized that it was a serious letter that I had to respond to. 

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“Big Money” is Waking Up to the Profit Potential of A Cappella

Here is my prediction: in the next decade, dozens of a cappella groups will have hits on the U.S. music charts.

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A Regular Gig is Important, and Surprisingly Easy to Get

We all got involved with a cappella because we love to sing. In most cases, we love to sing for others. Otherwise, we'd stick to singing in the shower or in the confines of our cars.