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Recording Review: "Breakdown!" by Ithacappella

Once you spend a good while in the a cappella scene, you start to recognize some names – Tat Tong, Bill Hare, Ed Boyer, Dave Baumgartner, etc. Of course there are groups that do the same thing.

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Recording Tips You Need To Know

Dear Reader: I have some advice for you. You see, today marks the first day since October of 2007 that I haven’t been recording or doing production work on an a cappella album.

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Arranging: There’s No Magic Formula

For all you aspiring arrangers out there young and old, I have good news and bad news.  The bad news is that unfortunately there’s no magic formula for how to put together a good a cappella arrangement.  To be sure, there are basic things that you need to consider before you get started (see Deke Sharon’s 10 steps to a cappella arranging pamphlet), but once you’re rolling it’s really just a bunch of trial and error.  The good news though is that since arranging is all about learning from your mistakes, anyone with the time and courage to mess up can become a good arranger.