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Contemporary A Cappella League Spotlight: Voxel Rox

At about 25 groups, the Contemporary A Cappella League (CAL) continues to grow as new groups are formed and formed groups hop on the a cappella soul train.

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"The Sing-Off" Group Profiles: SoCals

NBC’s “The Sing-Off” is a television first: a 4-night-only event that pits 8 a cappella groups of varying styles against e

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All Your Bass Are Belong To Us --- Audition Opportunity in LA

While Griffon4/Tom is holding general auditions in the OC, south of LA--- we are looking for a bass in the greater Los Angeles area Evolution was (or I suppose technically still is) the 2009 LA Regional Harmony Sweepstakes winner. We've got a few concerts scheduled in the upcoming months, and a recurring monthly gig in Santa Monica so rapid learning/reading music is certainly a boon.

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Inside View: America's Got Talent

I auditioned for America’s Got Talent three times this year.  With three different groups.  Each group had it’s own path to the contest, and each had a different result. So now I’m going to give you the raw, unadulterated, inside scoop on the whole process! [REDACTED]