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Combat A Cappella

Dear Arrangers, Please sing your own arrangements. On stage. Repeatedly. Sincerely, Deke ...not enough for a blog? OK, I'll explain: featureimage: 

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Sheet Music and the Big Brick Wall

Every week, without fail, I get an email from an eager young arranger, wanting to publish their music. featureimage: 

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Arranging Creatively – Intermediate Tricks and Tips (Part 2): Harmony

Last time we took a look at the first major tool you have in your arranging arsenal to start interpreting or re-interpreting a song: rhythm.  That discussion centered mostly on syllable choice

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All in the Family – Alumni Strengthen the Program

There's no question that alumni can strengthen any program with their support. Most often, we think of alums as willing donors or as easy ticket sales for homecoming concerts. Alumni can add much, much more to your program if you cultivate relationships. Here's what we have found: