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Strong talent, family culture define Amalgamates a cappella group

Founded in 1984 by former Tufts students Joanne Cohen (LA ‘87), Craig Everett (LA ‘89) and David Wiley (LA ‘89), the Tufts Amalgamates were the university's first co-ed a cappella group.

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A Little Something From Boston

Some news from Beantown:

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"The Sing-Off" Audition Experience, Second Time Around

If you haven't heard of the Sing-Off, just leave right now. Seriously, go away, go to Hulu, go to NBC.com, go anywhere and go watch the show.

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Recording Review: Tufts Amalgamates' "Prime"

As we have all come to expect from the (Tufts) Amalgamates, Prime is a natural but well-polished record; it may have a pop-y sound, but they draw from a wide variety of pop/rock styles wit