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Live Mixing & Recording Services from Diovoce

diovoce is pleased to announce the addition of live mixing services to our a cappella production offerings.

Man versus Microphone – In Search of the Perfect Sound

Ever had a bad gig not because your group sounded bad, but because the sound engineer had the levels all tweaked out? Or there was ongoing low frequency feedback? How about when your duet mic is three times louder than the solo mic? Let me guess, you can probably think of ten other scenarios right now where a good performance was compromised because of some kind of sound amplification problem.

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Are We Professional?

A friend of mine recently asked me whether or not I thought he should advertise his singing group as a “professional a cappella group.”  Seems like a pretty normal question, right?  After all, everyone wants to know how they stack up these days in the music scene.  Being a “professional” means you make the big bucks, that people respect you, and that the opposite sex finds you irresistible.  The only trouble is, this friend of mine is still in high school!  The oldest member of his group is less than 20 years old.  It’s official; the world of a cappella has got