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Recording Review: Virginia Sil’hooettes' "Take It To The Bridge"

The Virginia Sil’hooettes have been one of my favorite female groups for a while now.  It seems like every song I hear of theirs I really enjoy.  Although I didn’t get a chance to hear their last album in its entirety, I really loved Butterflies and Hurricanes off of Voices Only.  So I was excited to hear Take It To The Bridge (awesome album name, by the way).

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Recording Review: SoCal VoCals – Unanimous

The SoCal VoCals changed my perspective on a cappella.  I spent years being very anti-choreography.  Then I saw the, now famous, near-perfect set at ICCA on YouTube and I was blown away. Their vocals were amazing, the movements complemented the songs well; it was no wonder that they won the ICCA Championship.  When I saw that they put out a new album I had to check it out.  Would it hold up the standard I had already set for them in my head?