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T Minus 5 Christmas Concert Footage

I thought I would post some video footage of T Minus 5's sold out Christmas show. Check it out: Sweet Little Jesus Boy

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How To Deal With Criticism

Being a performer means being in the spotlight.  This means you are an easy target for criticism.  As many of you know or may not know, I am a well-(corn-) fed boy (that is just a nice way of saying that I am fat).  The part that I play within T Minus 5 is the physical humor.  I am known from time to time to dress up in spandex as the Redneck Avenger, the defender of cows and rednecks, or do a dance complete with gyrating hips, toe touches, river dance, ballet, and any style of dancing that I can make look ridiculous.  I do this because I love to make people laugh a

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T Minus 5's New Promo Video

T Minus 5 just posted their new promo video...Check it out! A lot of the footage comes from several past A Cappellastock. So if you have been wondering what A Cappellastock and T Minus 5 is all about you can kill two birds with one stone. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xulAVeHtfs BTW A Cappellastock is Aug. 22nd. You can check out more info at www.acappellastock.com