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Camp A Cappella Is A Dream Realized

Camp A Cappella may be a dream-come-true experience for its attendees, but for co-founder Deke Sharon, the one-week camp is a dream realized.

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High School Competition Blues: Chaos, Creativity and Conformity

The competitive season for high school a cappella is well underway.  Groups from across the country have spent many hours rehearsing with a focus on advancing through ICHSA.  Competition

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Camp A Cappella, Year One: Be Part Of It!

Camp A Cappella  noun  \'kamp ä-kə-ˈpe-lə\

Book Review: Brody McDonald's A Cappella Pop

Still waiting for the right resources to get your a cappella group started?  Well, you need not look further than this book.  Brody McDonald has built an amazing high school a cappella pr featureimage: 

Guest Blog: Matt Woodward on Auditions

Guest blog by Matt Woodward featureimage: