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Recording Review: "The Shadow Aspect" by The Cornell Chordials

The Cornell Chordials are one of the rare collegiate groups that has a distinctive sound.

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Recording Review: “Pulse" by the Cornell Chordials

What's an album gotta do to get your attention?

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BOCA 2010: Best Of College A Cappella Announced!

Varsity Vocals and Total Vocal are thrilled to announce the track list for the Best Of College A Cappella 2010! Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who submitted their tracks. We know how much of each of you goes into producing these albums, and we really enjoyed listening to each and every track we received.

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Male Call: The Mixed and Female Group Dilemma

I went to a Gavin DeGraw concert recently.  Now, he’s hardly the stereotypical dreamboat that graces the covers of TigerBeat magazine, nevertheless there were women (dare I say, grown women) standing in the front row with glazed over looks on their faces like they might cry at any moment, reaching out to him, breathlessly mouthing the words to all of his songs.