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Mid-Atlantic 2011 ICCA Semifinal Review

This past Friday, my alma mater group, The Binghamton Crosbys competed in the Mid-Atlantic 2011 Semifinals. I was there. I had a lot to say about what was going on.

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Theater Review: "Perfect Harmony" at The Acorn Theater, NYC

Before I say anything, I have to make some disclaimers.  I never cared much for either reviews or critics.  Critics, especially mean ones, are ancillary to the creative process.  The

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Recording Review: "Voices Only 2010"

Upon hearing the opening of Aural Pleasure’s “Spotlight” (as well as most of the compilation), I’m immediately reminded of my intense distaste of the trend towards uber-effected & affected trac

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Harmony Finals 2009 - A Fan's perspective

I sat on this review for about a week too long, so hopefully it will still find curious eyes.  I was not sure what I wanted to say about the experience as this was my first time watching the Finals but my second review of a Harmony Sweepstakes show.  I feel it pointless to say "this group was great", "this group was fantastic", etc.