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ICCA Finals 2011 Wrap-Up

The International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella has become one of the most popular and widely known a cappella events in America, with groups from all over the world competing for the chanc

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Get Fit: A Cappella Boot Camp!

Dave Brown and Freddie Feldman, with a combined 40+ years of a cappella performing, recording, and coaching experience, now bring you A cappella Boot Camp!A Cappella Boot Ca

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From Soup to Nuts

A week long seminar in the beautiful Bay

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Ben Folds: Not Passing Muster?

Today's episode of Dave Brown and Christopher Diaz's slick new podcast, Mouth Off, reviews "Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella", Ben Folds' new CD featuring several collegiate groups doing his tunes. The CD...well, it does not fare well in the consideration of Brown and Diaz. Forward to the 12:04 mark of the podcast to hear the review. This episode also features various a timely and delicious cappella news snippets, Diaz's new "voice boyfriend", and the Cool Chord of the Week. All wrapped in funny. Check it out!

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All big mouths want some airtime

    The world of a cappella music is such a fun place. We’re a strange little microcosm of the greater music industry, full of brilliant minds and tons of talent and huge personalities. We’re in a community where time flies by almost in dog years it would seem (in that case, I’ve been singing aca for 42 years!), and we’ve proven that with time, we adapt quite ably to this rush of progress. featureimage: