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Host Nick Lachey's The Sing-Off merges American Idol with Glee; meet the judges & contestants

While promoting tonight's premiere of The Sing-Off hosted by Nick Lachey, NBC has blatantly referenced FOX's reality giant American Idol, as well as the increasingly popular dramedy, Glee.

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It's All About The Glee

That's it! It's so simple, and it's been the case all along, but now we have a hit TV show that makes our point for us. Maybe I should back up? Alright: it all started the first time you heard vocal harmony. Admit it - there was something there. Something powerful. You loved the sound, the interweaving of the voices.

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TV Review: "Glee"

For those of us who were in show choir, chorus or band in high school, we can relate to the situations on "Glee" (which premiered this past week, and will start its regular season in the fall). As the daughter of a music teacher and a teacher myself, I strongly related to the politics and economics of arts programs depicted in the show. The acting and singing are good, and the writing is quite witty at times. The problem is that too many of the characters are clichéd, and the focus of the show is divided.

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TV Review: Glee

Has there ever been a TV show more aptly named than Glee? It both embodies and inspires exactly that quality. Yet if I tell you the show is about a high school glee club and features bursting-into-song musical numbers, you might react as I did initially: I wanted no part of that. I'm not a musicals kinda guy.

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