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Boyz II Men Remixes Psych

More a cappella goodness on TV this week!  USA's hit show Psych has a special a cappella episode this coming Friday.  Reportedly main character Gus is reunited with two members of his college a cappella quartet at a funeral for the fourth member of their quartet.  They ask Gus and his partner Shawn to prove that the singer was murdered.  Jaleel White (of Urkel fame) and Kenan Thompson (former Nickelodeon star and current SNL player) costar as the a cappella singers.

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It's All About The Glee

That's it! It's so simple, and it's been the case all along, but now we have a hit TV show that makes our point for us. Maybe I should back up? Alright: it all started the first time you heard vocal harmony. Admit it - there was something there. Something powerful. You loved the sound, the interweaving of the voices.

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TV Review: Glee

Has there ever been a TV show more aptly named than Glee? It both embodies and inspires exactly that quality. Yet if I tell you the show is about a high school glee club and features bursting-into-song musical numbers, you might react as I did initially: I wanted no part of that. I'm not a musicals kinda guy.

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