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More About Deadlines…

A few months back, I wrote about giving yourself a good cushion for album releases, i.e. you shouldn’t still be frantically working on finishing your album on May 10 if you’ve had a big album release concert scheduled for May 14 on the calendar months ago. Considering that it takes about 3 weeks for the average replication company to press, print, assemble, shrink-wrap, and ship your product, that should have been part of the schedule from the start!

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Hug a Wookie, Kick a Droid

It's another week, and I've been forwarded yet another youtube video that I MUST see. This time it's some guy lipsynching to Moosebutter's brilliant John Williams Medley (with lyrics all about Star Wars). Struck me as odd at first (the song's several years old), and then I got a little mad (why aren't they the ones getting the credit)... And then I saw the view count. Over two million. Let's assume on average that people watch it twice. That's still one million people checking out this video.

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Thoughts on BOCA 2009

Here are a few of my thoughts upon picking BOCA tracks:

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I sat in on Dylan Bell’s great songwriting class at SoJam over the weekend. There were lots of college kids there. I’ve taught songwriting classes to college kids before – lots of interest! it seems. However, I’ve yet to have any of my class attendees produce any original a cappella music. I asked one of the SoJam staff why college a cappella groups don’t do original music. His answer: They’re lazy. I completely disagree.

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A Cappella Originals Podcast

New podcast up – it’s like a blast of citrus yummy! http://www.acappellaoriginals.libsyn.com/ Music in this podcast: Duwende, “Electrify” from the album Collective www.duwende.com The House Jacks, “What’s for Real” from the album Unbroken www.housejacks.com - written by Austin Willacy and Garth Kravits