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The Most Important Thing

Let's just say you're in an a cappella group, and you're getting a nice, warm reaction from the crowd, but it's nothing amazing. No stomping, no screaming, no undies thrown on stage. You'd like a bigger response, but you're not sure why you're not getting one. Let's figure it out. Is it your tuning?

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Music in a Time of Want by Barry Carl

During the oxymoronically named Great Depression, more movie theaters were built in America than at any time either before or since. On first thought, this seems to counter the thinking of the arts-unfriendly legislators that view the arts as fluff, marginal annoyances, mere detours from the nuts and bolts business of putting the country’s economy back on track after eight years of unregulated, disastrous greed. So why, then, did this explosion of supposedly superfluous building take place during a time of financial meltdown?

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The House Jacks do our fair share of workshops, and during the question and answer period, we're invariably asked: "With you guys living in 5 different cities (San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and New York), how do you ever rehearse?" My answer is usually "We don't!" but the truth is that we usually pack a rehearsal in when we can (between shows on a road trip, before or after a multi-day gig in a city, etc). However, those days are perhaps numbered.

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Los Angeles A Cappella Fest - and The House Jacks!

It’s been a long week for me – LA A Cappella Festival last Saturday, drove back to Vegas that night, left Vegas Sunday afternoon to drop my family off in Utah, then I was in Reno on Tuesday to start a couple of weeks of gigging with Toxic Audio. Busy is fun! featureimage: 

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LA-AF and 2009

I had decided that 2009 was going to be the year that I get back into singing. To that end I attended the LAAF this weekend at UCLA with immersion and networking being my goals. Boy was I successful at both! Being around all of those a cappella groups reminded me of why I liked being in one so much and want to be in again (even if I have to form a group myself). And it was great to finally meet some of the movers and shakers of the movement: standouts Mister Tim and Deke "The Father" himself.