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Keeping Your Heart Connection

When singing becomes detached from its reason for existence, it no longer nourishes either the singer or the audience.   Historically, as in ‘from the dawn of time’, people have sung when emotions both good and bad grew too big for mere speech and then needed to be expressed in a form able to carry more emotional weight.  When a song becomes subordinate to a singer’s ego, when the singer doesn’t connect with either the words or dominant feeling of the song, then it’s just a whole lot of noise and no heart.  Virtuosic noise can be exciting, b

episode 8-16 (March 3): Top 36 - group 3 performance

No need for formalities; this show is long enough.

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MORE Competition Tips

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Competition Tips

It's the spring, which means it's competition season. The ICCAs, the ICHSAs, the Harmony Sweepstakes... people from age 14 to 70 will be performing on stages across the US over the next couple of months, hoping their group proves to be the best of the night. I'm often asked how a group can improve, and what they should focus on in the rehearsals before the performance, as well as when they're on stage. Here are a few suggestions I find myself saying often: featureimage: 

episode 8-13 (Feb. 18): Top 36, group 1 results

I'm not going to go deep into this episode, nor will I likely go too deep into any results episode unless it's really heavy on the performances.