episode 8-22 (March 18): Top 11 results

[Fox TV's video recap here.]

episode 8-21 (March 17): Top 11 performances

The Top 11 are coached by Randy Travis, who seems to open every pre-performance video with some variation on "I heard he/she was going to sing [name of song], and I thought, uh-oh, I don't see how tha

episode 8-20 (March 11): Top 13 results

A twist? Ah, a Judge's Save! Fantastic idea... or is it?[Fox TV's video recap here.]

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Better in time...

I'll begin with a fitting cliche: hard work pays off. Well, sometimes. In this case, anyway. One general problem for most groups (mine included) is getting into the kind of mindset in which you are genuinely concerned with nothing but your sound and presentation. It seems a given, but try it in a classroom full of 16 girls and you've got a formidable challenge on your hands. 

episode 8-17 (March 4): Top 36 - group 3 results and wild-card reveal

I won't go into detail about the reveals tonight, except to say I audibly cheered when Anoop squeaked in at the last minute.