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Lisa Forkish: On The Creation Of The Women's A Cappella Assocation

The world of contemporary a cappella was first introduced to me when I was 16. featureimage: 

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The 2013 A Cappella Job Outlook

From time to time, I'll get an email along the lines of "Help! I graduate soon (or am going to college soon), and I want more than anything to make a career of a cappella! How can I do it?" featureimage: 

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In Defense of Imperfection

    When I started this Mr. Toad's Wild Ride of a career in a cappella 21 years ago, there is one statement I thought I'd never hear myself say: featureimage: 

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The Exchange album Get Ready


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Deke's Universal Arrangement Critique

I'm frequently asked to look over an arrangement and offer my thoughts. I find an alarming number of my responses contain the same comments, the same thoughts. featureimage: