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SIN3G: The Ben Folds Interview

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Ben Folds: Not Passing Muster?

Today's episode of Dave Brown and Christopher Diaz's slick new podcast, Mouth Off, reviews "Ben Folds Presents: University A Cappella", Ben Folds' new CD featuring several collegiate groups doing his tunes. The CD...well, it does not fare well in the consideration of Brown and Diaz. Forward to the 12:04 mark of the podcast to hear the review. This episode also features various a timely and delicious cappella news snippets, Diaz's new "voice boyfriend", and the Cool Chord of the Week. All wrapped in funny. Check it out!

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Ben Folds goes back to school

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Ben Folds didn't realize how great his music was until he heard a bunch of college students singing it.Ben Folds was so impressed by a cappella groups' performances of his songs, he made a record with them.The singer-songwriter says he was beyond impressed when he stumbled across videos of university a cappella groups singing covers of his songs on YouTube."I was really moved," he says. "I thought it was better than what I had done when I first heard it. That's how it struck me because it was so fresh."

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Ben Folds Goes A Cappella, With Help

All Things Considered, April 26, 2009 - Ben Folds first got the country to sing along with his music back in 1997, with his breakthrough hit "Brick." His dynamic live shows often found Folds leaping on top of the piano, dividing the audience down the middle, and conducting them in two-part (and sometimes even three-part) harmony.

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Pop star puts campus singers in limelight

By Phil Rockrohr / University of ChicagoWhen the University of Chicago a cappella group  Voices in Your Head recorded a song Ben Folds made famous, the 12 student-singers just wanted an interesting piece of music for their latest album, “Note to Self.”Then Folds, an academically trained multi-instrumentalist and 1990s pop star, decided to collect a cappella versions of his songs for an upcoming album of his own, and suddenly “Magic” was happening.