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Local a capella groups raise more than $1,000 for American Cancer Society

It was the day after Christmas this past December when Josh Birch received the shocking news – he was diagnosed with skin cancer.

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Ohio State a capella group places 3rd

With their signature red Chucks and a foot-tapping set to match, some Buck That! singers call themselves a real-life version of “Pitch Perfect.”

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Resend: Western Wind May 11 Concert/Big Apple Workshop June 1

Hi, some of you couldn't see the formatting of the original message sent yesterday. Here it is again Sorry for the duplication! THE WESTERN WIND Linda Lee

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Barbershop Harmony Society 74th Anniversary - Ringmasters on TODAY S

Forwarding from John Miller (bass of Grandma's Boys/New Tradition quartet International champs and BHS International Board Member and ... well, major top-level

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5280 A Cappella auditioning Tenors

5280 A Cappella, an 8-year-mixed Colorado septet with VP, seeks a very talented Tenor to fill out our sound. Our repertoire includes: aka-classics, American