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A Cappella Makes In-Roads at Ohio State Music Conference

What goes better together than teenagers and pop music?  Teenagers singing pop A CAPPELLA music!

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Headliner Sought for High School A Cappella Festival: Nov. 13, 2010 in Kettering, OH

Kettering Fairmont High School (a suburb of Dayton, OH) is searching for a headliner for our 2010 A Cappella Festival. Past headliners include m-pact, Rockapella, The Fault Line, and 4th Avenue.

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Giving Back: Kettering Fairmont High School A Cappella Festival 2009

When we started down the contemporary a cappella path nine years ago, there really weren’t many other groups in Ohio. There were a lot of show choirs, and several really good vocal jazz groups, but few true a cappella groups. It wasn’t much fun then – we felt lonely and freakish. Some of my colleagues even said, “We’re not sure if we like this path Brody is on.” Still, we liked a cappella. We LOVED it.

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Why you should buy a high school CD today

Look everyone – I know I'm biased. I'm a high school director with CDs to sell. Still, I'll say it: buy a high school CD today.