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A Cappella Originals: the Joy (?) of Editing

Sitting with Wes Carroll in a small café in San Francisco, listening to an acoustic guitar-strumming singer/songwriter.  He leans over to me and asks, “Do all of us singer/songwriters sound this monotonous?” The answer: yes. (and by yes, I mean, the vast majority). The bigger question: do ALL songwriters, not just the acoustic artsy singer/songwriter types, sound that monotonous? The answer, you better believe it, is YES (the vast majority).

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Original music in competition

 I sang a set of original music at the LA Harmony Sweepstakes last Saturday - THROAT did 4 original songs (the middle song was really 2 songs smooshed together). Pros: - it was super fun.   - The other musicians all admired the courage to do all original music.  Gives you street cred, apparently.   - Because people didn't recognize the songs, they also didn't recognize our mistakes ;-)   Cons: