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Recording Review: Basix's "Diversity"

A cappella world, please make way for Basix’s latest CD Diversity.  Released on August 31, 2009, I had the true pleasure of being one of the only people outside of the group to get my hands on a copy early: about three weeks before the release date.  I would like to start out by saying thank you to the guys of Basix for letting me review Diversity.  This album is ALL ORIGINAL.  Yeah, I know.  “No covers?  What?  It’s not a cappella without covers of the same songs that have been covered about 42 million times.”  Diversity is

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Be A Band

Let's say you've just started a new professional group, or have had one for a little while, and are looking for a direction. You've sung some songs you like, emulated your favorite groups, but want to take your sound and career to the next level.I have 3 words of advice for you: Be A Band.Vocal groups are the obvious model for an a cappella group, right? Well, I'm suggesting that mold be broken, and here's why:Vocal groups primarily sing songs written by other people.

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Original music in competition

 I sang a set of original music at the LA Harmony Sweepstakes last Saturday - THROAT did 4 original songs (the middle song was really 2 songs smooshed together). Pros: - it was super fun.   - The other musicians all admired the courage to do all original music.  Gives you street cred, apparently.   - Because people didn't recognize the songs, they also didn't recognize our mistakes ;-)   Cons: