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The Bobs prep for Vienna show on heels of latest album

Before pop-culture phenomena such as “Glee,” “The Sing-Off” and “Pitch Perfect” made a cappella trendy among millennials, there were The Bobs.

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Thinking Inside The Box (A Little Bit)

Late last year, I wrote about the need to think outside the box when choosing a cappella repertoire, and I suggested groups stay away from the songs featureimage: 

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Best Of Breed

One of the problems within popular music is the alarmingly short public memory toward legends. featureimage: 

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The Bobs, now Seattle-based, celebrate 30th birthday

In recent years, Bay Area a cappella comedians the Bobs have turned up at the Moisture Festival for three- or four-song sets on a surprisingly regular basis.

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Bob Tales | Holiday Tour 2009: Stuff About Which I Am Pretty Sure

Three weeks is way too much to journalize.