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New radio show and podcast The Voice Box- listen or get your group on air!

The Voice Box, a brand new all-acappella radio show and podcast needs your ears and wants to get your group huge exposure!

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Swingle Singers Seek Alto

Alto Auditions!  

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a cappella videos from Mister Tim and moosebutter and McAfee

McAfee software presents five a cappella renditions of infamous (and 100% real) spam email texts.

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Emmy Award-Winning Group The Blenders Launch Music Video Contest Totaling $2,500 CASH!

To celebrate the release of McDonald’s Girl(2011) on iTunes and their upcoming TV and Radio spots for McDonald's, The Blenders kickoff of their first-ever video-based contest and they want you to r

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The Thumper Throat Mic Kickstarter Project: Developing A New Throat Mic

In the history of the world, there have been many inventions that have single-handedly changed the course of mankind; Alexander Bell’s telephone in 1875, the internal combustion engine in 1885, Hum