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NBC's The Sing off

Sadly, my group was formed a little too late to truly capitalize on the new A Cappella show on NBC coming up this fall, but I am still eagerly anticipating the AcaGoodness that might come from this show.  Wistfully re-reading the audition ad over on "A Cappella News" I came across the line that says in the press release (emphasis mine): "They will compete weekly in front of the show’s panel of professional experts".

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Add YOUR arrangements to the CASA.org Arrangement Library!

The Contemporary A Cappella Society is seeking pdfs of arrangements of original and Public Domain songs for donation to the CASA Arrangement Library! featureimage: 

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Of Music and Magicians: pt 2.5 of 2

(seriously sorry for so many long posts right in a row… waaay too long for a single post, but I want to get this out there, and figured might as well just chuck it all out!) Welcome to part four of the two part series comparing a cappella to magicians. This one is short. featureimage: 

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Of Music and Magicians: pt 2 of 2

(remember, the point of this is to think about how, or if, this applies to a cappella groups) Question: What sets the great, super-successful magic acts apart from the less-successful ones? In pt 1.5 of 2 I discussed what I meant when I said there are only so many tricks.  The content of a magic show is not going to be that different from one act to another.  So what makes some great, and others less so? featureimage: 

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Of Music and Magicians: pt 1.5 of 2

Is it possible to be critical of something, and yet still love it? Is it possible to be aware of the inner workings of a trade, a skill, an art form, and still adore it, warts and all? Is it possible to hold two contradictory thoughts simultaneously in your mind, and have both be true? featureimage: