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Nice Voice. Is It Yours?

They're budget-challenged, so their public performances are sporadic. They abide in the easily overlooked niche of college a cappella. And their style defies a succinct description.

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Joey Campagna's Blog: Reasons to Love College A Cappella, #1

For those of you who don't know me, I host Acappella U, The Collegiate A Cappella Podcast. I started the show in 2005, and something that many of my listeners don't know is that I was never actually in a collegiate a cappella group. For some reason people are incredibly surprised when they hear that, and I can feel them wanting to ask me the obvious follow up: what business do I have yapping about college a cappella on a podcast when, truthfully, I have no idea what I'm doing? featureimage: 

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Harmonics: out to change what you know about a cappella

Bill Hare: Last year, CASA awarded the Stanford Harmonics (via the JAMAA) a grant to buy some sound equipment to lead collegiate A Cappella in a new direction.  They finally debuted it last week - it was quite a show - my ears are still ringing!  Here's what the Stanford Daily had to say: By Nina Duong