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Male Singers Needed - NYC area


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Dear A Cappella Groups:

Dear A Cappella Groups:Please do not ever use these words to describe yourself:     1)    Groundbreaking

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Retooling A Cappella

By Catherine P. Lewis, Special to The Washington Post, Friday, April 24, 2009  Throw out any perceptions you have of a cappella music: The images of stuffy Ivy Leaguers propagated by jokes on NBC's "The Office," the quirky house band from the PBS series "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?" and the classic sound of the 40-year-old British group the King's Singers.

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BobTales: Ahead of the Curve Since 1998?

I wrote my first BobTale in May 1998. Was I ahead of the curve?  I was curvier then than I am now, but that's a GOOD thing.... Was it a Cro-Magnon blog?  The I Chong of Touring was about one of my first concerts with the Bobs - a double bill with The Persuasions at Cincinnati’s Music Hall, part of the Sing, Cincinnati! festival.   I just posted my 34th BobTale in March 2009 – The Best Laid Plans of Moose and Me: The Bobs in Alaska, which begins sweetly, segues into an emergency room visit, and ends with a volcano.