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EEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOO.....BLAMMO! (with due respect to Bill Cosby).

So I went and opened my mouth a few months back.  In retrospect, I probably did it unconsciously.  A subconscious, "kick-in-the-pants".

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Recording Review: The Wicked Pitches' "Think Twice"

The Wicked Pitches are a 6-member Boston-based jazz group.  After sixteen years of being together, they released their first full-length album, Think Twice, in February 2009.  And I certainly had to think twice about how I felt about this album.  Upon first listen, I was not impressed.  As I listened time and time again to the CD, new things came out of the texture and I began to appreciate the Wicked Pitches for what they were going for.

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The Journey begins...

Tonight is the first meeting of a group of people that will eventually form "Sono" or whatever the name becomes.  Wish me luck!

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VP looking for group Philly/Main Line PA

I'm moving to the Main line and working in Philly.  I've been beatboxing for over 7 yrs, and am looking to keep it up.  I can hold it down on the beatbox at the professional level.  I also sing bari/bass, but am not nearly as good of a singer as beatboxer.  If you have a group in the Main line or in Philly and are looking for a beatboxer or bari/bass, shoot me an e-mail at jlegatt@gmail.com

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Introducing MusicaRanger!

I would like to introduce a new custom arrangement service, MusicaRanger! MusicaRanger makes tailored music arrangements to fit your needs, venues, and skill levels. Need a techno arrangement of Autumn Leaves for an all-male group, or a doo-wop spin on Gimmie More for a female quartet? No problem. How about an antiphonal double-ensemble composition for dueling trios, or a song for unaccompanied voice? We're stoked to meet you.