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Weekend Sale

John K Brown winner of the National Independent Male Artist of the Year 2012 Album "Unplugged" (a cappella gospel) nominated Best Religious Album of the Year (CARA) on sale this weekend $7.99 at ww

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Allstar Weekend Kickoff

East Coast Acappella CD Release Party

03/18/2012 01:00
America/New York

Join East Coast Acappella for the release of their new Cd entitled "Do Wop . . . and Beyond"


The Charlie Horse Restaurant

Rte 106 at intersection of Rt 24

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UNC grad's singing career gets a boost from TV's ‘The Sing-Off'

People still recognize Kim Dawson over dinners at Chili's and in airports, and that's good, because she may need the new friends.

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Legends Awards

Legends Awards for the Texas Gospel Excellence Awards with featured appearence by John K Brown of "Rockapella" Houston Hobby Marriot Houston, TX 6pm featureimage: