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Recording Review: BOCA '09

The new album is here and with it, the continued evolution of college a cappella. So with no further ado… 1 – Where’s The Love (Remix)/Brandeis VoiceMale VoiceMale’s third contribution to BOCA - ridiculously polished, as always. Not for the purists! Some cheesy vowels, but the effects compensate. And really neat percussion effects (but a little too artificial for me).  When did Hanson do this originally, 1997? Definitely out of the blue, but VoiceMale pulls it off.

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HPU Toccatatones Spring 2009 Concert

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2009 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award Winners

 The following are the winners for the 2009 Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards. Congratulations to all who participated! 

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Some Competition Tips: One Judge's Opinion

As an ICCA and Harmony Sweepstakes judge for several years now, and here at the end of competition season, I thought I’d put down some of my own suggestions for improving group performance in competition (and in general, I hope). Please do keep in mind that my own personal list of Important Things might wholly or partially directly contradict someone else’s, so in the end, you can only do what you think will result in the best performance.